A thesis on "feels" and "zones" in today's generation

So I understand catching feelings is not recommended in today’s  generation. The generation today rather admit they’re looking for a Zari or Desire sex-tape than admit to catching “feelings”.

Feels are embarrassing. Wait,  “feels” shouldn’t even be English. We mean emotions. Getting emotional is embarrassing.

Suddenly, there’s all kinds of zones in relationships. All these zones must be avoided if you want a chance with the girl (I speak as a guy). You need a good “game”. Surprisingly, the good game is not a sporting activity or wild animal. It’s really about knowing to press the right combinations of her heart, the sequence of box, circle, square, triangle and directional buttons to get you to score! (Score in most cases has nothing to do with nets).

The good game is rarely sustainable. When you score, usually it’s not necessary to continue with the passion you first had. The goal is to score a goal. Once done. Game over. There are exceptions. Where goal scoring becomes a mutual enjoyment.

Don’t get it twisted. Men aren’t to blame. Solely  :). Ladies are looking for the dude. With the bicep, in the bank, in the tongue, in the mind, in the heart. Usually such a dude is so rare. You rarely have one who fits the profile. Usually the dudes have half of the qualities. So what happens? Fake it. You’ll make it.

Ladies, I’m told, need security. They actually do. But with security not being available in one “product” why not rent it for free from several service providers? So, there’s the zones again. Compartmentalisation. Don’t give any one service provider full access. Use the trial package and crack it’s key.

You need the emotional security. The financial security. The physical security etc, you name it. So you end up having men in these zones. Friendzone, bro zone etc. Once men got wind of it, “feels” became very expensive. You were not being paid in full for your services.

At the end of the day, the generation is stingy with feels because you gotta look out for yourself.

Honesty, service, are so rare. Instead, game, zone. You get feels, you’re vulnerable.

Ultimately, we look for love but eventually have become a generation where love is a risk. Love as we know it, is made in our own image hence it won’t be kind or patient, or suffer wrong or hope. Etc That love is a fairy tale.  A myth in a religious book. So you go with what you can handle. Physical benefit sans the emotional risk or spiritual involvement.

If this is not the case, please correct me.


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