A new day

Today is Monday and I am on my way to work. Yesterday was quite a sad day for all Uganda yet I do not seem to understand why. After Cranes thrashing of Niger 3-1, it would have been automatic qualification had South Africa not lent a helping hand to their neighbours Zambia with 3 goals to guarantee them a berth at Ghana.
So Ugandans are sullen but not I. There is one spot remaining and it all depends on Benin and Sierra Leone when they match up on October 14th. Of course many would say that Sierra Leone having conceded 12 already without a point is set to concede more but I am convinced this is our year and we are going to Ghana. If Mali and Togo draw and Benin win then we are through. So all we need is a draw on the final day.
Enough of soccer.
So I was sent snaps of PrimeTime on my email and they were so many i failed to see all of them. I have been thinking of late. There is still a need, a present one. Conquering self is still hard yet it must occur.
As a single man,….by the way i am soon moving into the house behind the main one. Eh! Cool. Some bit o independence. I was saying as a single man one must count the costs of becoming double. I have looked around and I think I may as well continue enjoying the life. No dependants! No decision making! I am joyed that I am still single coz there are no issues in my life. Of course times come and I wish that i was not single but then again, I must encourage myself to go on til God opens my eyes. Now that is one other thing. God and I, we need to catch up. Five days and I feel weird, man cannot live without God coz it really is miserable without Him, sure, I am a witness.
So my life goes on, work and all.I know something good is going to happen, something precious, wonderful. God is in control, I hope a time can come when He is totally in control of my life coz there are times that are not easy and I want to take or actually take the steering wheel from Him.
So, her i am still believing Uganda is going to Ghana, thankin God for my singlehood and asking Him to help me by grace stay focused on Him and hooked on Him.
All is well.
God bless. Joel


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