A few good men.

There are a few good men now, it is not hard to see. Laws that jeopardise an entire country’s sector credibility passed into law amidst comedy. There are a few good men left.

You hope that maybe just this once, there shall not just be a few good men to come to their senses and stand in the way of this great descent in unknown abyss.

When grown men clamour like children one day like they might for once do the right thing and then the next be stuffed with lolipops and then do the wrong thing, it is not wild to say that hope keeps dwindling.

History watches as a few evil men attempt to suck dry the future of one land with incredible possibilities. They may be few but the evil stupor is now across the land. Many of us, hands behind back, watch the endless spectacle saying to our selves “There is nothing we can do.”

How much has been plundered? Year after year, shame upon shame… to the point where now, shame is not shame any more. Holes punched into accounts meant to help the whole mass of the nation, diverted to personal accounts; where a hospital would go up, in stead, a mansion does; where a school would go up, in stead, a few children go to high class schools outside the country; where a few women and men dress to mourn and are arrested by the Police for mourning, how long shall our eyes deliberately close to this?

“History had a slow pulse; man counted in years, history in generations” 
― Arthur KoestlerDarkness at Noon

We shall be judged, all of us. And we shall be judged, not for stealing a few millions, but for killing a few million country men by plundering that which could have been of help.


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  1. there are more evil men (and women) because the world is more money oriented and the notion of clean money is frowned upon since it takes longer and requires harder work. So yes, there are few, if any good men out there...nice article 🙂



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