404: You Missed it

“I come alive when I hear you singing
But lately I haven’t been hearing a thing”
– Switchfoot (Thrive)

Or maybe the fat lady sang and you missed it.

Yeah you missed it. Too caught up in crescendos, Northern lights, you didn’t hear her sing. And when you got back your senses, you were half dead. You could not hear the song she was singing.

Your one year old is gyrating to “Go down low”, at a party you went to. You pride yourself in bringing your kids up properly. So where did she learn this?

You missed it.

Your pastor asked you to donate dollars so he could purchase a faster means of vehicle to do the Lord’s work. You didn’t see it coming? You think it was mad? And yet you celebrated when the pastor thanked you for your tithe; that he enjoyed the cruise. You event went ahead and bought him a Land Cruiser, that it was worthy of him. Now this small dollar request shocks you?

You missed it.

You followed a trail of thirty years that promised in forms of comparatives. It will get better. It is not as bad as it was then. We are going to school, but we are no longer thinking. Little boxes supposed to fit in to the frame. When the frames run out, well, that’s not our problem. Is it.

You missed it.

New app. I wonder what it does. And three months later, cannot live without the phone. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up. My day is spent waiting for mentions and subtweets and likes and comments. And I am not even a business page. Slowly, it became another part of me. I cannot live without it. How did I get so addicted?

I missed it.

The Fat Lady Sang, I was amazed by the Sirens instead. Left me hanging on for another sound. It never came. I was eaten alive, by the Siren’s enchantment.

image: toshen.com


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