3 B's: Breasts, Beards, Buttocks

Breasts. Round soft things that are nice to look at, if not to touch. And they belong on bodies. The ones humans like are the ones on women. They are good for babies and adults too. Sometimes, lousy men, indecent men, disrespectful men, decide that they can take chances and touch women’s breasts during arrests.

Forgive me, but that policeman/men, might have been eyeing the FDC lady for sometime. Keeping law and order never neccessitates grabbing of organs that should otherwise be private. Imagine if men were arrested by grabbing their groins and dragging them? Or if women, like we saw last week were arrested by grabbing their cleavage?

A woman’s breasts belong to her babies and her husband. Period. Which is why, I do not understand why some of you women like to put them on display like they were a spice in Nakasero market. The police man who grabbed the FDC lady by the breasts surely must be disciplined. Perhaps they should take him to Karamoja  and hang heavy items from his groin but will he get the point, apart from the pain?

Breasts are a big deal. As beards were in ancient Israel, and even now plus to some sections of the Arab community. There is a story in the Bible about the famous KING, a man after God’s own heart who wanted to show kindness to a friend’s son.

He sends servants to the son but on arrival, the son’s advisors assure him the servants are sent to spy out the land and so they instead, do a shameful act on the servants. They shaved off half their beards, and cut off their garments in the middle, to their buttocks, and sent them away.


On Monday, women activists decided to respond to the shameful act of men grabbing their breasts by going ahead to without force, display their breasts at the Police headquarters. Now, many women friends have praised this act as wonderful protest, bravery, honour and all that kind of stuff. Yet, let us go back to David and his servants.

 And they told David, and he sent to meet them, because the men were greatly ashamed. And the king said, Stay at Jericho until your beards are grown, and return. 

What was their response, these men whose beards had been cut off, buttocks been exposed?  They were greatly ashamed. They would not move. So their King advised them, tarry. Wait for the beards to grow; they probably got them new garments as they waited. They held their nakedness as a sign of shame, especially in the wrong context. Sure, I can be naked if I am with my wife, no problem. However, these men, nakedness applied to their cut garments and half shaved beards. The act of the friend’s son was humiliating.

To the ladies yesterday. Instead of covering up, instead they showed more. Now, political activists, feminists  like I said before, hailed this move. However, at what cost?

In David’s case, a war started because of beards and buttocks shown. The sons of Ammon who had advised the friend’s son to treat David’s servant this way were beaten in war with their allies. A war, because of shame inflicted. Because of dishonor.

Am I saying, our wonderful ladies should take arms and fight? No. Look at initial response. The men, drew away from public and recovered their beards and got new clothes. You might say beards and buttocks do not compare but ask an Arab how much he esteems a beard.

I hope none of these ladies profess Christ, for I would not think He approved. If we set our minds on things here, we shall get the definite effect; if we set our eyes on things above, we shall get eternal results.

See, ” Blessed are the peacemakers! For they shall be called the sons of God. ” Peace makers, not war mongers. Oh, my goodness, did Mandela, Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior ever sink to the levels of their tormentors?

The story is found in 2 Samuel 10. 

So, I wonder, would Mandela, Ghandi, King ever have undone their trousers and…..

God forbid!

Peace out my sisters. Two wrongs make not one right.


2 thoughts on “3 B's: Breasts, Beards, Buttocks

  1. Why are you comparing biblical sexual practices to ANYTHING modern day? Do you also suggest we KILL homosexuals and adulterers? The bible is an invalid source for nearly everything except for obvious universal things like don't murder, etc., etc. Why does it matter what other women do anyway? It's their bodies. Keep your conservative values to yourself and let the rest of the world be themselves.

  2. I agree, it does not make sense to protest the disrespect of my body by just exposing it. I have not talked to any of those women and I do not know what their intentions were but as a woman, I wish for better ways to demand for justice
    "A woman's breasts are for her babies and her husband" Yes sir!


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